Revolutionary SA Jet Lands Starring Role In Hollywood Blockbuster [Trailer]

A new Hollywood blockbuster stars Sandra Bullock, Brad Pitt, Channing Tatum, Daniel Radcliffe, and one of South Africa’s most revolutionary jets.

Oh yes, a proudly South African aircraft will be flying high in the upcoming action film The Lost City, a real milestone for our country.

Dr Reza Mia is a passionate aeronautic scholar who is credited for creating the Pegasus Vertical Business Jet (VBJ), which is a thing of beauty, speed, and pure luxury.

Of course, it is worthy of a spot alongside some of Hollywood’s best.

Dr Mia is also the founder and CEO of Pegasus Universal Aerospace, which was utterly flabbergasted when Paramount Pictures reached out a year ago to make use of the jet, reported SA People:

“At first we thought that it was a hoax and scammers!” Pegasus told SAPeople.

“As we communicated to the team there we found their credentials on LinkedIn. From there we finalised paperwork for confidentiality, and started to realise that it is in fact a reality and we were honoured to be part of this amazing movie.”

The pioneer added that this feature is a “huge milestone for South Africa and a beacon of encouragement for innovation to its people”.

Image: Pegasus Universal Aerospace

This VBJ can free high-flying businesspeople up by combining the easy-landing characteristics of a helicopter with the sophistication, range, and speed of a business jet.

Look at it go:

Here’s Dr Mia talking about his passion project back in 2019:

Apparently, per SABC News, the prototype will be displayed in Johannesburg when the movie is launched globally in March.

Watch for the jet making its debut film appearance from 50 seconds into the trailer for The Lost City:

If the mashup between Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jumanji doesn’t do it for you, watch it for the South African Pegasus, at least.

Our country might not know much about keeping the lights on but we sure as hell know a thing or two about pioneering vessels and vehicles.