Pegasus Universal Aerospace was established in 2012. Pegasus is designing and intends to manufacture the first of type Vertical Business Jet (VBJ) in the world, operating in the civil aviation space. On route this journey of creativity, the Pegasus Road Jet was birthed. Pegasus Road jet was built as a human studies exercise into the interior form and function of the cabin.

What inspired Dr Reza to start the company and the story behind its name is inspiring!

Dr Reza has always wanted to design his own aircraft, based on his personal work travel experiences, a genuine passion for the future of aviation solutions that save “time”, coupled with the determination and a clear vision, led to the initial concept of the VBJ.  Pegasus has steadily grown a team of specialists over the years contributing towards its Engineering, Flight Control Systems, Flight Testing and Conceptual Design.

What makes Pegasus Universal Aerospace’s VBJ so different and unique?

It surpasses rotary solution convenience with up to four time more range, four times the speed (true business jet speed) better performance and most importantly, enhanced safety features.  One of its most  impressive design characteristics – the VBJ can fit onto a helipad, land on unpaved surfaces and on conventional runways. The VBJ can also land on yachts with ease and safety. eVTOL crafts can not land on yachts, ships and moving targets as they rely on fixed GPS co- ordinates.

Pegasus Universal Aerospace is a registered South African company with its head office based in Johannesburg. Legal entities are also held in Delaware (USA) and in London (United Kingdom)


“We choose to leave a legacy for future generations of humankind. We don’t just develop novel aircraft, we sell “time”!”


“To revolutionise air transportation”


“The company is founded to advance and transform private passenger air travel with the goal of increased mobility, performance, safety and convenience.”


Ensure FAA & EASA certification. Co-operate with international partners with an existing network to manage sales, maintenance, infrastructure and a worldwide service footprint. Maintain a culture of continuous improvement and advancement of new technologies and innovation.


  1. Develop a VTOL aircraft with true business jet performance.
  2. Green Focus: Use of Biomimicry and the latest innovations to create sustainable aircraft and manufacturing techniques for the long term goal of our planet.
  3. Focus our intention to reduce costs to match the impending technological revolution. These include development, Manufacturing (and costs to market) costs.
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