Pegasus Road Jet

Inspired by the luxurious interior of Business Jets, the Pegasus Road Jet is locally manufactured since 2019 by qualified aviation outfitters to the exact specification of our customers.

Numerous floor plans are available including options such as bunk or fold out beds and on board restrooms to make every journey infinitely more comfortable than any other road transport or in fact, commercial air travel.

  • The comfort, convenience and opulence of private aircraft at a fraction of the cost.
  • Full internet connectivity.
  • Unassuming exterior attracts little attention.

No more airline check-in and security ques. Reduced downtime and enhanced productivity.

The Road Jet uses the Mercedes Benz Sprinter as its base. Enjoy full business connectivity and use the Road Jet as your mobile office to impress any prospective business partner.

Full climate control, electronic blinds and massage seats all contribute to a conducive environment.

Arrive at your destination relaxed and comfortable.