Zaakir Mia

Chief Financial Officer

BCom (UNISA), MIFM (SAIFM), Advanced Corporate and Securities Law UNISA), MSc Fin (LSBF).

Zaakir Mia was the Fund Manager at a hedge company with over 10 years of experience as a financial markets trader and as a member of the SA Institute of Financial Markets. He started his career at a renowned JSE member brokerage firm. At the time, Zaakir was one of the youngest traders in the country to be licensed to trade on a discretionary basis for clients. After honing his trading skills, Zaakir moved on to managing his Group’s proprietary trading portfolio.

Zaakir also fulfilled the role of MD at a property management company. He oversaw the entire strategic vision of the group and served as a director and majority shareholder of a number of companies operating in various customer facing sectors. It is here that he undertook high-level management responsibilities and indirectly oversaw the duties of over 100 employees. Zaakir is highly experienced in the business management & financial management of large scale manufacturing entities, most notably an industrial air-conditioning firm.

Apart from his extensive experience in financial markets and business management, Zaakir has completed numerous academic qualifications, including his undergraduate degree, Bachelor of Commerce, as well as various other courses, most notably the UNISA course in Advanced Corporate and Securities Law and an MSc Masters in Finance course at London School of Business and Finance.