Tamir Mizrahi

Innovative Designer (Interior & Exterior)

Tamir Mizrahi is a Transportation & Industrial designer, who focuses mainly on interpretation of the modern world by creating realistic and conceptual design projects. Tamir designs improves and pushes modern technology to its highest ends by integrating design into the real world and pushing technology boundaries through design.

Tamir Mizrahi joined Pegasus in January 2021 as the VBJ’s exterior & interior innovation designer. Currently Developing an innovative direction for the brand Pegasus.

“Design is very simple but big at the same time. It is a way to change the future of mankind. It can be made for a daily satisfaction or for a life changing purpose”

Tamir Designs integrates the engineering as a huge component to design, even inseparable.

“A true good design will evolve from the basics of forms and ergonomics, combined with research for understanding the problems and past solutions that have been made, in order to always move forward.”

Design is the best way to stretch the future boundaries in our perception, which directly affects the present itself.