Matthew Buttle

Chief Engineer

Matthew Buttle is the Chief Engineer at Pegasus Universal Aerospace (Pty) Ltd, currently in development of the world’s first VTOL Business Jet.

Matthew cut his teeth working on development programs for the likes of Airbus and Boeing before moving into bespoke solutions for the commercial transport aviation giants such as Comair and SAA and then general aviation.

Matthew has been intricately involved in the ways of manned aircraft, fixed wing and rotary wing. Designing and certifying everything from structural and aerodynamic mods to engines changes and everything in between. This includes the full design and certification from pen to product of successful light sport aircraft. Matthew has also worked in a mixed civil and military environment for South Africa’s largest unmanned aircraft developer where a deep understanding of aviation was present in his approach to unmanned aircraft and military aircraft stores.

Matthew was the founder of the Association of Aviation Design Organisations and sits as a member of the Civil Aviation Regulations Committee (CARCOM).

Matthew is also the sole director of Aviation Engineering and Certification Services (Pty) Ltd, a consultancy to the general aviation industry and a Director on the Board of the Commercial Aviation Association of South Africa (CAASA).