Barry Zaayman

Pegasus VTOL Business Jet Flight Test Engineer

Barry Zaayman is a mechanical engineer that graduated as a Flight Test Engineer (FTE) from the Empire Test Pilots’ School.  He has gained experience as an FTE across a broad spectrum of Fixed and Rotary Wing aircraft types in both the military and civil aviation environments. Barry served as a senior air force officer in both the South African and Royal Australian Air Forces. His Fixed Wing testing background includes performance and system testing on various high-performance military aircraft, including the Denel Cheetah and McDonnell-Douglas F-18, military transport aircraft such as the Lockheed Martin C-130J as well as handling qualities, performance and certification testing on both single and twin turbine aircraft and light sports aircraft.

Barry’s Rotary Wing experience was gained during development testing and certification testing of various helicopter types ranging from a light, single engine turbine helicopters to heavy lift, three engine types to include VTOL and hover performance testing along with high altitude and cold weather testing.  Since transitioning to the civil flight-testing environment in 2007, Barry has provided all-encompassing flight test engineering services to various civilian flight test programmes.