Callen Lenz

Callen Lenz Associates, a fast growing UK based specialist aerospace and avionics company with a proven track record in novel aircraft development and control.


TFASA Flight Research are specialists in novel concept test and evaluation, successfully engaging with international aerospace authorities and Governments to deliver cost-effective solutions to the international aerospace industry. With strong multi-discipline business relations and unique positioning within the commercial and professional global market place, TFASA Flight Research are excited to be selected as the trusted, multi-faceted, aerospace flight test partner to the ground-breaking Pegasus Universal Aerospace Vertical Business Jet program from concept to certified production.

Tamir Mizrahi

Tamir Mizrahi is a Transportation & Industrial designer, who focuses mainly on interpretation of the modern world by creating realistic and conceptual design projects. Tamir designs improves and pushes modern technology to its highest ends by integrating design into the real world and pushing technology boundaries through design.

Epsilon Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd

Epsilon Engineering Services (Pty) Ltd. is an independent private company situated in Centurion, in South Africa. The company’s core activities focus on aeronautical engineering, composites technology, electrical & electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, system engineering.