Pegasus Vertical Business Jet (VBJ®)

The Pegasus Vertical Business Jet (VBJ®) (Pegasus VBJ®) will be the first aircraft to provide true business jet performance coupled with helicopter convenience. The VBJ® will make point to point travel feasible with multiple innovations that make it safe and easy to fly.

The VBJ is designed specifically around ease of access to helipads / heliports and conventional runways.

This duel application positions the VBJ aircraft in a market segment that very few can compete with, especially when considering the multiple redundancies incorporated from the hybrid power source, flight control and stability systems.

The comfortable interior cabin offering 6 PAX + PIC, an on-board lavatory, galley and baggage compartment all support a great relaxing experience exuding comfort and style.

Targeting Government operations, corporates, HNWI’s, medivac, search and rescue, offshore operations, general charter, super yachts and ocean going vessels. Pegasus VBJ® is about to change the way we understand air travel, designed with the capability to land on almost any surface.


  • Range
  • Endurance
  • Altitude
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Hybrid propulsion
  • Sophisticated simplicity (FCS)
  • Single pilot operation / dual pilot
  • Reliability & Safety
  • Redundancy (Multiple levels)

Mission Platforms

  • Medivac
  • Policing
  • Border Control
  • Search and Rescue
  • Oil and Gas (IOGP)
  • Military application
  • Large Scalability (type specific)
  • Cargo
  • Moving platforms i.e. Yachts
  • Business aircraft / VIP

No other executive jet
will offer such a exponential mix of convenience, performance, speed and comfort.

With the VBJ® one would be able to take off and land anywhere, whether it’s on a rooftop, a yacht, or a helipad – the possibilities are endless. In fact, Pegasus VBJ® is heralding a new era of point-to-point air travel.

The Pegasus VBJ® has already had it’s South African Patents granted RSA 2017/01274. EU patents were approved earlier in 2020, EP3169586 and the USA Patents approved on the 14th July 2020, US 10,710713 B2 .

Compared to the cabin of a helicopter, Pegasus VBJ®  comfortable with low noise and little to no cabin vibrations. This means more productive meeting or business time in travel. Pegasus VBJ® cabin is larger and more luxurious. With a smoother, faster flight and greater range Pegasus VBJ® will be beneficial in the “Golden Hour” of medical evacuations.


Number of Seats: 7 seater
Engine Type and horse power: Turboshaft x 2. (2300 shp)
Fuel burn (Kgs per hour): 309
Tank Capacity in Kgs: 2040
Range in Kilometres: 4400 (runway) 2124 (VTOL)
Endurance in hours: 6.6 hrs (runway) 3.18 hrs (VTOL)
Propeller type & operation : Twin double ducted fans and four lift fan units
Fixed or retractable undercarriage: Retractable
Type of construction: Composite
Lead time for ordering: 12 to 18 months from FAA certification
Applications: Business Jet, Rescue, Oil & Gas Platforms, Cargo, Yatch, Policing, Grass Landing and Scalability
Speeds in Knots: Cruise = 410 / Stall = 70 / VNE = 430
Size: Length = 15 m / Wingspan = 14.38 m / Height 3.6 m
Weight in kgs: MTOW = 5700KG / Empty = 3040 kg / Useful Load 2660kg