Pegasus Vertical Business Jet (VBJ®)

The Pegasus Vertical Business Jet (VBJ®) (Pegasus VBJ®) will be the first aircraft to provide true business jet performance coupled with helicopter convenience. The VBJ® will make point to point travel feasible with multiple innovations that make it safe and easy to fly.

Targeting Government operations, corporates, HNWI’s, medivac, search and rescue, offshore operations, general charter, super yachts and ocean going vessels. Pegasus VBJ® is about to change the way we understand air travel, designed with the capability to land on almost any surface.

No other executive jet
will offer such a exponetial mix of convenience, performance, speed and comfort.

With the VBJ® one would be able to take off and land anywhere, whether it’s on a rooftop, a yacht, or a helipad – the possibilities are endless.    In fact, Pegasus VBJ® is heralding in a new era of point-to-point air travel.


Its state of the art performance is unmatched by helicopters, piston engine planes and any of the tilt-rotor VTOL aircraft currently on market,   with a range of 4000km from runway take-off (or 2700km in VTOL) with a 45 min reserve ; and at a cruise speed of 609 Kilometres per hour  at 35 000 feet.


The Pegasus VBJ® has already had it’s South African Patents granted RSA 2017/01274, With Patents pending in the USA 15/327,237 and EU15771708.3


Compared to the cabin of a helicopter, Pegasus VBJ®  comfortable with low noise and little to no cabin vibrations. This means more productive meeting or business time in travel. Pegasus VBJ® cabin is larger and more luxurious. With a smoother, faster flight and greater range Pegasus VBJ® will be beneficial in the “Golden Hour” of medical evacuations.


Number of Seats: 7 seater
Engine Type and horse power: Turboshaft x 3. (2300 shp)
Fuel burn (Kgs per hour): 309
Tank Capacity in Kgs: 2040
Range in Kilometres: 4400 (runway) 2124 (VTOL)
Endurance in hours: 6.6 hrs (runway) 3.18 hrs (VTOL)
Propeller type & operation : Twin double ducted fans and four lift fan units
Fixed or retractable undercarriage: Retractable
Type of construction: Composite
Lead time for ordering: 12 to 18 months from FAA certification
Standard avionics and GPS equipment as supplied: Combined helicopter & Biz Jet suite. TCAS, HUD, NTE
Applications: Business Jet, Rescue, Yatch, Policing, Grass Landing.
Speeds in Knots: Cruise = 410 / Stall = 70 / VNE = 430
Size: Length = 15 m / Wingspan = 14.38 m / Height 3.6 m
Weight in kgs: MTOW = 5700KG / Empty = 3040 kg / Useful Load 2660kg