OUR 2019

One Eighth Scale Model Developed.

Collaboration with Callen Lenz for flight control systems (FCS). Capital raising Venture engaged for full scale prototype.

Commencement with Full Scale Model for Hover

Hybrid Power System

The aircraft is designed with a hybrid drivetrain powered by two turboshaft engines. The engines running generators combined with on board emergency power storage enable redundancy and improves overall reliability of the aircraft.

OUR 2018

Investment Opportunities (2018 South Africa)

ICO option pending and public prospectus opportunity pending to speed up funding for development purposes.

OUR 2017

Intellectual Property Progress (2017 South Africa)

Trade mark “Vertical Business Jet” was approved and South African Patents approved.

OUR 2016

Independent Design Reviews (2016 South Africa)

Our Engineers conducted Independent design and lift air reviews on the Vertical Business jet and results were positive and encouraging to continue on to the next step of the thrust fan reviews.

OUR 2014

Small Scale Model (2014 South Africa)

Pegasus put together its first small scale models for visual and marketing purposes.

Provisional Patents (July 2014 South Africa)

The provisional Patents were applied for which allowed Pegasus Universal Aerospace secret protection for a year on its development and plans.

OUR 2013

Conceptual Design Study (2013 South Africa)

The beginning of Engineering work commenced with a local engineering firm which led to the start of the conceptual design study.

OUR 2012

Establishment of the Company (2012 South Africa)

Pegasus Universal Aerospace, a South African based aviation group  was born and founded by Dr Reza Mia. His commitment is to promote innovation in the aerospace and transportation sectors.